LivingLife Treatments

One of the main reasons why LivingLife customers around the world achieve their results so healthily and successfully is the complex and holistic concept that lies at the foundation of our treatments.

On the basis of the anamnesis, the analysis and the nutrient calculation, we set a realistic goal with an individual treatment cycle, helping the client work most intensively in order to achieve the target. The ideal combination of these factors produces exceptionally good and fast results.

​LivingLife BODY

The LivingLife BODY treatment significantly accelerates the effect of training and a healthy diet on the client’s body. Depending on the duration of use and the frequency setting, the method can contribute to an impressive loss of circumference in the treatment area. The skin and connective tissue become firmer, and the body builds up muscles in the desired places while at the same time getting rid of visceral fat. These features have been clinically proven.  

Thanks to the patented technology, gentle impulses communicate with the body's own cells, triggering the same response as physical performance. The muscle receptors react to the external signals and change the cell status positively.

The LivingLife BODY application supports your guests in achieving their goals and remaining motivated.

​Livinglife FACE

LivingLife FACE is THE face rejuvenation system of the latest generation. With this treatment we make a contribution to promoting and maintaining the beauty and youthful appearance of the face. The microcurrent signals used are programmed to activate the upper layers of the skin and achieve cell regeneration. With LivingLife FACE, fine lines, wrinkles and creases can be reduced - even a certain amount of natural face-lifting is possible.

Our LivingLife FACE model is the most technologically advanced face-modelling system on the market, combining all the advantages of MICRO, NANO & PIKO TECHNOLOGY. The face-modelling function was constructed with 7 programs that include a unique patented power supply system.

LivingLife FACE stimulates cell renewal on a natural basis, in 7 steps. The skin becomes firmer, appearing healthier, younger and fresher. The facial muscles are newly instructed and tightened by gentle impulses. Depending on the user’s skin condition and lifestyle, the result is comparable to a conventional facelift (cosmetic surgery) after just a few treatments.


The analysis of LivingLife enables an exact determination of the physical composition and is regarded as a starting point for all further analyses and calculations.

Depending on the customer's goals and genetic requirements, the data is further used to perform a nutrient analysis. The resulting nutrient calculation is the instrument for further cooperation and monitoring.

Your guest will be accompanied in the achievement of his goals and at the same time receive meals cooked with the optimal ratio, so that the theoretical knowledge is integrated into everyday life and the added vitality increases the level of performance.

LivingLife Analyses:

  • Body analyses
  • Nutrient analyses
  • Nutrient calculation


Body analyses, nutrient analyses, nutrient calculation. Now it's the kitchen’s turn!
Your guest will be served daily by bearing in the ideal ratio for him, which will have a massive influence on the achievement of the goals set.

After a training session in the kitchen, your cook will know exactly how to use the numbers for each guest. The LivingLife diet is based on high-quality nutrients and is tailored exactly to the needs of your guest. An ideal macronutrient ratio not only provides results, but also represents a culinary delight!

Even after staying in your home, your guest still has the opportunity to eat based on the LivingLife program. The online platform: ensures that your guest remembers you. This procedure is also ideal for "retargeting" campaigns and second visits to your facility.

​LivingLife PRODUCTS

LivingLife supports the services with its own product line in order to efficiently supporting the achievement of your guest’s personal goals.

For the manufacture of our products we use only high-quality raw materials. Swiss production in accordance with GMP guidelines and regular quality control ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We work together with ETH Zurich (biotechnology) to ensure the optimization process.

We are also a pioneer in the areas of superfood and vegan nutrition, being driven by our Swiss understanding of quality. We concentrate on the following product lines:

  • Supplements
  • Cosmetic 


See how LivingLife can bring more customers to your hotel, spa or resort!