LivingLife is a young Swiss quality company headquartered in Lucerne, and a brand of Health & Wellness Concept AG.

We stand for Swiss know-how, innovative and effective concepts in body forming, facial rejuvenation and health promotion.

Our technology and products stand for highly effective success. With effective and holistic treatment methods, we achieve a visible change in the body and skin; without toxic injections or surgical interventions.


Why are we doing this?

  • Because we believe that a healthy body and mind can arise when we provide them with exactly what they need.
  • Because we believe that personal guidance, proper nutrition and enough exercise lead to a healthy lifestyle and a long, energetic life.
  • Because we believe that man is valuable, can develop his knowledge of nutrition and wants to take responsibility for his own body.

Our Customer Promise - VIP

V - Value
We accompany and support our clients reliably, as we are a trustworthy partner driven by Swiss values and the Swiss idea of quality. This begins with the consultation, continues with the treatment and is rounded off by professional care and support.

I - Idealism
We meet our clients and partners with passion, verve, enthusiasm and commitment. We clarify and stand for health and fitness - for a lifetime.

P - Personal and Professional
We know our clients and partners personally and are responsive to individual goals.


Our management convinces through a flat hierarchical structure. This enables us to respond quickly to customer requests and to react almost instantaneously to market changes.
We cultivate open and transparent communication, both externally and internally. This is the basis of our efficient and successful teamwork.

Quality assurance

Our LivingLife equipment is the most technologically advanced system on the market, combining all the advantages of MICRO, NANO & PIKO TECHNOLOGY. The efficient step-by-step programs include a unique, patented energy supply system. It has been tested several times and is subject to regular inspections.

Our concept partners undergo a training program and are further instructed on specific topics annually. In this way, we ensure know-how and consistent quality within the framework of treatment and support.

In addition, we are supported by experts who meet twice a year for an advisory board.


LivingLife collaborates with a variety of technology, health and nutrition companies. We know our contacts personally and attach great importance to a short value chain. In combination with Swiss know-how, Swiss research and selected suppliers, we are able to implement decisions and measures within a short period of time, thus ensuring high-quality services.


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