Added value for your guests

LivingLife offers two exclusive health concepts for selected luxury hotels

LivingLife; the genuine Swiss premium brand stands for highly effective methods and personal support in the field of weight reduction and facial rejuvenation.

More and more first-class hotels are expanding their wellness services and enriching the stay of their guests with varied expertise. In addition, new target groups must be tapped and the range of first-class services expanded. LivingLife can be such an offer. Would you like to learn more about the LivingLife partner concept? - Then check us out!

Partner concept - Imagine...

... You offer a unique and exclusive service, thus creating added value.
... You build up an additional business division and thereby gain new customers.
... You reach a new target group and increase long-term customer loyalty to your company.

LivingLife Body

With our partner concept, you expand your range of services and enable your guests to enjoy an all-round service, an effective experience of success and a patented technology that is sure to convince even the most pretentious of all.

LivingLife Face

A new wrinkle reduction technology makes your guests look young and fit. This is a non-surgical application. A permanent change can already be seen after 1 to 3 treatments.


The method can contribute to an impressive loss of circumference in the treatment area. The skin and connective tissue become firmer, and the body builds up muscles in the desired places while also getting rid of visceral fat. These features have been clinically proven.


LivingLife's nutrition concept is based on 30 years of experience and strengthens the treatment results of your guests. After a nutrient calculation, your guest will be spoiled with what he needs for his individual goal achievement.

Our technology and products stand for highly effective experiences of success

With effective and holistic treatment methods, you can achieve a visible change in your body and skin, without toxic injections or surgical procedures.

Your advantages as a hotel, spa or resort

The LivingLife value creation cycle meets the business requirements of the hotel, spa or resort, as well as those of the discerning guest for whom health and good looks are important.

Hotel Spa and Resort:

  • You win new customers and stand out from the competition with your unique service.
  • You offer your guests a well-thought-out concept, not "just" another service.
  • You reach a new target group and increase customer loyalty.
  • You expand your offer and generate additional sales.

Exclusive experience for your guests

Your guests will be taken care of all around and will not have to worry about anything anymore. They are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience and always have fond memories of your house. 

  • During the first consultation with the LivingLife Coach, a needs analysis will be made to find out what your guest's needs are. Followed by a bio-impedance analysis and nutrient calculation, this initial analysis determines the ideal macro nutrient ratio that your clients should get from their food in order to achieve their goal.
  • The nutrient calculation is then discussed with the kitchen, so that your guest is pampered culinarily in the exact composition calculated for him.
  • Subsequently, an individual treatment program is created for each customer and the appointments are booked for the entire stay, so that your guest does not have to put in any effort whatsoever.

What our customers Say

The LivingLife treatment has worked wonders. Thanks to the concept, I was also able to implement my nutrition in a motivated way.

Peter Hotz
Managing Director

Super concept! Simple, good and efficient. Many thanks for the many tips and valuable conversations!

Mia Bauer
Mother and housewife

After years of frustration and rain I found my lifestyle today thanks to LivingLife. Thank you very much.

Anita Kunz
Advertising Specialist

Why are we doing this? - Our Why

  • Because we believe that every guest is valuable and deserves an unforgettable experience with added value.
  • Because we believe that a healthy body and mind can arise when we provide them with exactly what they need.
  • Because we believe that personal guidance, proper nutrition and sufficient exercise lead to a long and energetic life.

My name is

Pascal Bachmann

In my time as a professional athlete, I was obsessed with finding the "right" diet, especially to maximize my Taekwondo training. Even when I lived in Thailand to study Asian therapy techniques, I was never satisfied simply reading about others' views on health. I wanted to feel in my own body what changes are good and what they imply.

LivingLife is the result of 25 years of study in health, nutrition, exercise and well-being. In all these years I was able to gain experience and knowledge, which today allow me to create health concepts.

My mission is to make all my experiences accessible to as many people as possible. For this reason, I founded Health & Wellness Concept AG, based in Switzerland. We support hotels, spas, resorts and wellness centers to offer their guests a unique, or even better, an individual experience.

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