Concept / Partner concept

LivingLife - healthy and beautiful for a lifetime!

The combination of treatments and advanced technology, a balanced diet and sufficient exercise is an ideal symbiosis for the healthy and rapid achievement of goals.

The concept is rounded off by the accompaniment of a LivingLife coach with Swiss know-how, Swiss values and the associated idea of quality.

Concept - for you as a partner

LivingLife; healthy and beautiful for a lifetime

LivingLife offers the following two concepts for selected luxury hotels:

  • LivingLife BODY
  • LivingLife FACE

Your guests will be taken care of all around and don't have to worry about anything anymore. They are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience and always have fond memories of your house.

The concept could be integrated as follows: 
The situation will be discussed personally with you as the client at the hotel, spa or resort. Subsequently, an *implementation concept is worked out, planned and decided with you.

We support you right from the start:

  • Objective
  • Measures
  • Scheduling and budget planning
  • Employee recruitment process
  • Employee training and further education
  • Marketing and pricing
  • Opening

All this is jointly defined within the framework of the implementation concept.
*The implementation concept is subject to a fee or is credited to the partner concept.

Call us and make an appointment. We are looking forward to your requests and plans.

Concept - for your guest

LivingLife brings you closer to your desired goal, your figure, your appearance and your health, and increases your physical quality of life and well-being.

Individually adapted
In order to support and/or optimize the desired customer goals and results quickly and sustainably, the LivingLife concept also includes nutrition and movement theory in addition to the cosmetic form of application.

One objective could be formulated as follows: 
Firm and pure skin, a muscular or revitalized body, increased well-being, as well as an improved quality of life with more energy each day! 

  • Check-in
  • Needs analysis and anamnesis
  • Nutrient calculation
  • Treatments
  • Support and Coaching
  • Movement with instructions
  • Accompaniment and advice
  • Culinary indulgence
  • Feel good and enjoy

The patented technology guarantees success in any case. 


See how LivingLife can bring more customers to your hotel, spa or resort!